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Mystic Metals Body Jewelry Set of 3 Pairs Wood Plugs (Tamarind, Teak, Sono)
Mystic Metals Body Jewelry Set of 3 Pairs Wood Plugs (Tamarind, Teak, Sono)
  • 3 pairs of wood plugs included
  • Sono wood, Tamarind wood, and Teak wood
  • Wood plugs size can vary +/- 1mm due to being handmade
  • Colors and patterns may vary slightly due to being a natural product.

3 pairs of wood plugs included. Sono wood, Tamarind wood, and Teak Wood. Wood plugs size can vary +/- 1mm due to being handmade. Colors and patterns may vary slightly due to being a natural product.

  • Package Dimensions: 4.5 x 3 x 0.6 inches
  • Date First Available: February 9, 2016
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #184,546 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #129 in Men's Body Piercing Plugs
    • #149 in Women's Body Piercing Plugs

    I got these and took the dark brown ones out, washed them, and put them in. I left the other two sets in the package. It's been like a month and u go to change them out and these others had grown mold. I never wore or washed those.

    I've been ordering from MM for a couple years now & for the most part, I really enjoy the products. They have very evenly-gauged pairs, which is nice, compared to the visible differences in sizes some vendors pass off for a set. The materials are elegantly shaped, free of snags, chips, cracks or sharp edges, and in this case, the wood is very lightweight, breathable and very forgiving of the occasional case where I forget they're even in when I hop in the shower (don't make a habit out of that, though--they will eventually crack.). I make sure to oil them occasionally when after cleaning and they really hold up.

    One thing I do wish Mystic Metals could do better is matching each pair. It shouldn't take that much longer per set to find a more consistent pattern, but it would go a long way for customer satisfaction. A couple sets I've received from them can only be worn woth one face showing, and that pair of faces isn't even very consistently matched. Even still, the price is very agreeable, but I'd honestly be willing to pay another dollar per set to offset the extra time it might take them to furnish a better match.

    Bought these for my wedding day. I have these big black screw looking gauges in currently. Our wedding is a millennial wood, rustic, outside themed wedding(you know mason jars of honey, fairy lights, giant Jenga and all that). Well these earrings matched right along then everything!

    Be sure to lube them up before inserting in-ear hole. It was a bit dry before and fit like O.J's glove after I wet them it fell in like /r/Perfectfit; true satisfaction.

    10/10 I wood buy them again!

    Liked them a lot but....I had such a bad reaction that both lobes were infected (as in I couldn't leave the house, dripping pus from both sides of my head) for two weeks. When finally healed (not naturally, with antibiotics) they had shrunk about 6 sizes. I am assuming it was the sealant on the wood. I have worn several wooden pairs with no problem. I couldn't tell which of the 3 caused the reaction as I had switched them all out when I noticed the itching and it began, which is why I believe it to be the sealant. The price is awesome but I really think quality sealant would have saved me from so much time and money having to stretch them back to where they were. So sad. But maybe you won't react like I did and it'll be the best investment you made today. Good for you!
    Ps. If you notice ANY itching at all from new plugs do yourself and favor and put your old ones back in and trash the itchy ones.

    These earrings are great. Ignore the negative reviews, if you clean them before wearing you will likely have no issue with rashes or mold or any of the other crazy things people are writing about.

    I cleaned them with alcohol and a q-tip, then cleaned them thoroughly with soap and water. Before putting a pair in, I rubbed them (and my lobes) with coco butter lotion. Went in perfectly.

    I waited to write this review until I had worn all three earrings for 2 weeks each- I had no issues.

    Buy it already!

    Beautiful pieces but I have bought at least 100 pairs of gauges in the last 10 years I have been gauging and never had a reaction like I did with these. I'm not sure if it was the wood or the finish but both my husband and I (we wear the same size) each put in a pair when they came in. We cleaned them before we used them. The next day we both had seriously angry and infected lobes. This really was a disappointment.

    I have showered with them, swam with them, they came with no cracks. Looked more or less like the pictures. One has to understand that wood does come with slight variants. They fit nice. Light weight. I put a little bit of coconut oil on them every so often to keep them moisturized.

    Received all three pairs today and put them in immediately (stretched from 9/16 to 5/8) . They look exactly the same as the ones in the picture. I ordered them in 5/8. I was at 9/16 and used these to stretch and it was super easy. They're light weight so they won't stretch your ears as you wear them like stone ones. They're comfy as hell. I highly recommend getting these and then shipping them over night. For the price, you'd only be buying one set at your local store. So stop reading my review and buy em.