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Pair (2) - Clear Push Top Piercing Retainers 14g-16g-Clear 3mm Flat Top Bioflex Retainer for Lips-Ears-Nose (Choose Length, Gauge)
Pair (2) - Clear Push Top Piercing Retainers 14g-16g-Clear 3mm Flat Top Bioflex Retainer for Lips-Ears-Nose (Choose Length, Gauge)
  • Receive pair of flat top, push in clear piercing retainers
  • Choose your preferred length and gauge above
  • Bio Flex 14g and 16g clear retainers
  • Push in top - No more rubber rings
  • Use these clear retainers anytime you need to be inconspicuous

Pair of Bio Flex 14 & 16 Gauge Clear Retainer with 3mm Removable Push-In Tops. Micro Push fit top designed to hide your piercing perfectly. Autoclave Temperature: 120~130F

  • Package Dimensions: 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches
  • Item model number: RET2
  • Date First Available: June 8, 2015
  • ASIN: B00Z2BLMU4
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #43,916 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #12 in Women's Body Piercing Retainers
    • #11 in Men's Body Piercing Retainers

    I am very satisfied with this product. I ordered the 5/16th length as other users suggested for a lip piercing. I had no issue inserting the jewelry after putting coconut oil to lubricate it. (I always do this when inserting or removing jewelry.)

    In normal yellowish room lighting it is nearly undetectable unless you are really really looking for it. In bright lighting you might find in a retail setting or office setting you can see the clear push in however it would be very simple to just put some concealer over it if it is really that important that it's entirely undetectable to your employer.

    I purchased these for my cheeks and they are perfect. I had a similar pair in the past and actually had to take those out due to the end cap being too small which caused it to go into my cheek. It was extremely painful to remove so I was nervous about these but they seriously couldn't be better. Compared to the metal jewelry I typically wear, these are more comfortable and I can barely feel them at all. I had issued with my metal jewelry hitting my teeth or snagging on things as well as my toddler accidentally hitting me in the face and this sometimes even caused my cheek to bleed from the metal yanking. I haven't had any issues like that at all since putting these in. They were supposed to be for a job interview and I still haven't taken them out weeks later.

    Came very quickly, but gauge was bigger then expected. I ordered 14g But it was more like a 10g. My original lip ring could go into the push top. That's how much wider it was. The sad part is that it was EXACTLY what I wanted. I'd probably say it's cut bigger. Would need an 18g.

    These do not hide very well. I went to work with these on and my boss noticed right away and I got a write up. If your work is strict on piercings, do not buy these they are a waste of money

    I ordered these because I was having an MRI and did not want to risk my piercing to close, I could not find my old retainers for piercings and I was desperate and needed a retainer quickly. The push top is extremely hard to close and put in an I landed losing both of the push tops quickly. I do not reccomend these for long term use because they are so difficult to close to the top. I landed up just putting the retainer in and letting it sit like that throughout the MRI without anything to secure it.

    My piercer gave me a really long piercing lenght trying to please me with a clear piercing but it looks awkward coming out of my lip and had a pink tint to it. So an Amazon search and stumbled upon his brand and others. I didn't know my lenght size but I knew my gauge size as 14. Therefore, I originally made an order for the 5/16, I thought just in case let me make a second order of both 3/8 and 1/2. With second order I know for sure I clicked on two separate sizes before adding to my cart. But what I got was 2 pairs of 3/8. However, 3/8 looked like the 5/16 length with an 1/8 difference.
    As far as comfort, I really wish I could've seen the 1/2 since the 3/8 needs a bit more wiggle room. I have big lips. I probably will order the 1/2 but I needed to rush to get clear jewelry before I starting work. So I recommend making two separate orders on purpose if you want to see to separate sizes.

    Best way I did it, upon inserting it into my lip I used lubricant on my original piercing inserting that all the way through. Then lubricant on the clear push too. It took me a while, but I finally did it. I tried it without and I could not do it at all.

    Received them today they were the correct length that I chose for my cheek piercings. 14 gauge 5/8. It was kind of hard putting the top on. But once you find the hole it easily snapped back in. (Thank God I just recently went to short nails) I love them already. Barely noticeable and absolutely comfortable. I can't feel them at all. Let's see how this week turns out wearing them. I'll keep you guys posted on any changes.

    boyfriend didn't care for these, he said there almost a little too short that they constantly poke into him and that there were also too little in diameter because he sucked on a straw once and the stud ripped right through his lip whole, and from what i saw it was not pleasant and i'm not sure i would tell anyone to get this unless they really want to take a chance because it's kind of hit and miss. they never broke or were bad, but he didn't prefer them and it's really a gamble on these types of things anyway so...but it's a cheap option and a quick fix.