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KUBOOZ Ear Weights Tapers Stretched Hangers Heavy
KUBOOZ Ear Weights Tapers Stretched Hangers Heavy
  • Gauge:0g(8mm)
  • 1 Pair With Gift Packing.
  • Designed and made by KUBOOZ.Pls click KUBOOZ brand find more new design.
  • Material:316L surgical steel
  • Unisex Condition, easy insertion and removal!

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  • Department: Unisex-child
  • Manufacturer: KUBOOZ
  • Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
  • ASIN: B07GZQYT95
  • Item model number: AEW001-D
  • Date First Available: August 31, 2018
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #42,313 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #20 in Men's Body Piercing Tunnels
    • #23 in Women's Body Piercing Tunnels

    Very pretty and fashionable. I have a 7/8 (22mm) gauge. I don't like that I almost lost them several times in one day. Sudden movements or turning my head would cause them to fall out. They may be best for smaller gauge ears, but still very pretty.

    First, the good: What an attractive & solid product! The earrings/ear weights I received were even more beautiful & stylish than they looked on the screen. They have something of a sheen that shows up flat on the screen. Wonderfully substantial amt of weight - perfect for helping gauge piercings to stretch without being too cumbersome. I was so excited to try them on! Would've def given these 5 stars if I could.

    Now for the not so good: I THOROUGHLY read product descriptions, reviews, etc before buying ANYTHING on Amazon, so I'm almost never surprised when I receive items. The seller description said specifically that THESE WILL FIT 2G PIERCINGS. Several answered questions said this would fit into a 2G piercing. I've been wearing some pretty hefty 2G horseshoe/curved barbell earrings for a while now, so my ears are DEFINITELY at least a solid 2G. But when I held my new jewelery up to my ear, it immediately became apparent that the open ends of the weights - the part you need to insert into the opening - flares to a diameter that's more like a 0G or even a 00G, if not slightly larger! The THINNEST part of the hoop *might* fit into a 2G ear, but that wouldn't possibly do me any good if I can't actually squeeze the darn thing into the piercing I bought it for.

    I've added a photo of the item in question next to the flat end (terminal ball removed) of my current 2G earring for comparison. You'll see the insertable sections are nowhere near the same size.

    I *AM* still stretching my ears, and was planning to go to roughly a 0/00 at least... so I have no idea what I'll ultimately do with these beautiful pieces yet. Do I keep them in hopes that I'll want to wear them & keep stretching my ears when I get to the size where they'll finally fit? Do I see if I can exchange them for a style that will ACTUALLY fit into a 2G piercing so I can wear them now? I'll think on it for a few days. But in the meantime, I sincerely hope the seller puts up more accurate measurements for these items so that ppl can be certain of what they're getting & avoid the disappointment I just went through. Anytime a piece flares at both ends, users need to know the diameter of the flare, NOT the diameter of the thinnest part. Had the item listed THAT measurement, I would've known to purchase another option with a thinner insertable end.

    All told, this is a lovely item, and one that looks like it'll last & look beautiful for a long time. But if you're at a 2G & looking to stretch more, like I am, maybe buy a different option with a thinner insertable end. If you are a 00 or so & hoping to stretch even further, however, these are a lovely option!

    Willing to update rating if seller resolves above issues.

    These weights were exactly what I was looking for. I've been having trouble sizing up from 0g to 00g. I've tried taping and tapering, neither of which have worked for me. I got the diamond weights first which are GORGEOUS. So many complements and heavier than normal dangles. I loved them so much I got the rose gold oval hoops! And oh lord these are HEAVY. Like 3x as heavy as the diamonds.

    Also, they both irritated my ears from the friction inside the holes, but that was fixed by putting in some silicone tunnels. There is also a size difference between the 2. I'd estimate (I don't have a measuring tool) that the diamond is between a 2g and a 4g, and the rose gold oval hoop is between a 0g and 2g. It fit snugly inside the silicone tunnel in my ear when I first put it in, and I'm stretched to almost a 00g now. I highly reccomend them despite the drawbacks because they seem to be high quality and they are really pretty when they are in.

    These are very very heavy which could be good, except the hook isn’t very long so it falls out easily. Also, one earring the cat faces the outside, the other it faces inside towards my neck. So it’s like I got 2 left earrings.

    First thing I did was put these babies on a scale. And to my very pleasant surprise, 88.6g/89.6g each! I thought the listing said 48g! Not complaining, I was purchasing these with the hopes I could comfortably wear them without headache and still stretch a bit. Super not noticeable against my head or neck and they aren’t swinging around like bell ends either. I will be ordering again when the rose golds and blacks go prime again!

    These weights are awesome. Buying them on amazon I wasn’t expecting much for the price but I was pleasantly surprised! Really nice heavy weight and well made. I will definitely buy more now that I know the quality of them!

    Love! Perfect for a gentle stretch. I've been struggling with sizing up my left ear and decided to look into affordable weights. These are both affordable and look cool. I wanted something with a good amount of weight and was honestly afraid they may be too heavy upon removing from the package. But I can say they are comfy and the weight is perfect! My son says they're so cool he wants me to wear them "in public" haha. So thanks for the cool mom points and for the awesome product. I look forward to wearing these many times both for stretching and for fashion.

    Exactly as expected. Package was broken but product unharmed. Really heavy but super cute.