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Qmcandy Thick Silicone Hollow Flexible Ear Tunnels Kit Stretching Set for 26pcs 8G-1"
Qmcandy Thick Silicone Hollow Flexible Ear Tunnels Kit Stretching Set for 26pcs 8G-1"
  • Material: Thick Silicone Tunnels, Easy to Put On and Off (sell by a complete set, not single)
  • Packet included: Silicone Ear Tunnels (26pcs, gauge size from 8g-1")
  • Gauge: 8g(3mm),6g(4mm),4g(5mm),2g(6mm),0g(8mm),00g(10mm),1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm),11/16"(18mm),3/4"(20mm),7/8"(22mm),1"(25mm)
  • 100% New Condition & Good Quality & Comfortable to Stretch Your Ears
  • Smooth surface and comfortable touch, less painful to stretch your ears.

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Silicone Ear Skin Gauges Hard Ear Tunnels Stretching Set

  • 26 pieces thick silicone ear stretching tunnels
  • Gauge Include: 8g(3mm),6g(4mm),4g(5mm),2g(6mm),0g(8mm),00g(10mm),1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm),11/16"(18mm),3/4"(20mm),7/8"(22mm),1"(25mm)
  • Diameter Include: (approx) 6mm,7mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,22mm,24mm,26mm,28mm
  • Height: (approx) 12mm
  • Packet included: Silicone Ear Tunnels (26pcs, gauge size from 8g-1")

Sell by a complete set, not single! The above figure is just a model show!

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Quantity 26pcs 32pcs 32pcs 24pcs 24pcs 76pcs
Gauge 8G-1" 2G-3/4" 2G-3/4" 6G-15/16" 8G-1" 2G-3/4"
Feature soft soft soft thick soft soft & thick & saddle
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Quantity 12pcs 22pcs 20pcs 32pcs 18pcs 18pcs
Gauge 8G-3/4" 2G-5/8" 2G-5/8" 2G-5/8" 2G-5/8" 2G-5/8"
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches
  • Item model number: QM0033TSAZ
  • Date First Available: December 13, 2016
  • ASIN: B01NCIK18L
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #72,783 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #808 in Women's Body Piercing Jewelry
    • #551 in Men's Body Piercing Jewelry

    I wanted to go from 1/2 to 3/4 and I hate tapers. I went from a 1/2 to 3/4 in less than 2 weeks, painlessly, through these. Even though I didn't use most of the tunnel sizes I had friends at various sizes who enjoyed them. The silicone is bendable but strong enough to stretch. Exactly what I wanted 10/10

    My ears are 1 1/2. Well were. One got a bad infection and I had to take it out. It shrunk a LOT, but I wasn't sure what size it is now but knew it was below an inch.

    I purchased these so I didn't have to buy tons of them just to never use them again so this was a great buy for 11 bucks.

    They're decent quality and made well. These types of plugs are very comfortable esp for sleep.

    My only issue is they didn't size them. They're just in bags not labeled. I know some said they got theirs labeled but sadly I wasn't one of them. Knocked a star off for that.

    What the title says. Using tapers after 00g isn't great, it can lead to pretty rough blowouts and it tends to take longer to heal. Really impressed with these. I hate thin silicone tunnels, they're usually not great for me when I've gone up sizes. Was paranoid about them falling out a lot. With these, I appreciate how thick the material is. I was at a 20mm, then pictured is me after inserting a 22mm hours later. No pain, only the usual initial slight tight sensation that dissipated in minutes. My partner was at a 00g and used these to comfortably go up after a blowout. If you're looking for a solid set for either aesthetics, comfort, and/or ease of stretching up with a good range of sizes, this is a great option.

    Really satisfied with my purchase. I'm about half an inch in both of my ears and sometimes my ears go up a size sometimes they go down depending on if I wear jewelry or if I don't. I mostly kept all the big size got rid of the small sizes. But this is a really good deal for people who are trying to size up eventually. Definitely take your time do not use this to size up you could cause a blowout an would have to down size. Trust me i've done it years ago.

    As for the silicone tunnels they are very thick and sturdy. Not really flexible or easy to sleep in at my size so i take them out alot. When I receive the package everything was individually zip locked by size i wasn't missing anything. i really love the look of them. An thankfully they don't have any weird chemical smells to them. So I mostly rinse them with hot water and sanitize them and popped them in my ear. Hopefully this was helpful! Enjoy guys!

    Exactly what I wanted.... yes the individual bags are not labeled but they are easy to see what size they are from small to large... they are very pliable and easy to pop in... the lips on them are excellent and the width make for a good skin contact instead of being narrow.. 5 star from me! Piercer by trade for 30 years now...

    The ridge is massive, making it difficult to install and remove. That isn't so much of a problem in retrospect, as they don't come out at random. (Tapers, we're looking at you.) Trying to use these below 00 is a waste of time. The smaller sizes are junk as they're impossible to get into the ear lobe.

    When I received them, they were individually bag but none labeled. I had to measure them against others I had purchased from another seller to determine the size. It seems that some mentioned one or a few bags are labeled, whereas others mentioned all bags were labeled.

    I placed the 8mm pair in my ears with no problems.

    Some have asked if you can stretch with these. That I'm not sure because I've been told by others to use stainless steel or titanium to stretch or use the tape method.

    It would have been 5 stars if the individual baggies were labeled and if I didn't get three sets of the same size.

    Loooove these. Only ever used tapers up to 00/10mm purchased these as soon as I received them I popped in a 12mm not too bad, better than tapers in my opinion. Silicone is not too hard and not ultra soft where it doesn't hold up hole. I would definitely recommend these very comfortable.