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King Will Classic 8mm Men's Silver/Gold Tungsten Ring Wedding Band High Polished Center/Matte Finish Comfort Fit
King Will Classic 8mm Men's Silver/Gold Tungsten Ring Wedding Band High Polished Center/Matte Finish Comfort Fit
  • Completely black ring, cover with matte finish & grooved center, classic and outdated design
  • Classic design with genuine tungsten carbide, weighty and durable, excellent scratch resistant performance
  • Suitable for weddings, formal, business attire and an overall polished shirt finish look, best gifts for men, women, boyfriend, husband,wife,girlfriend.
  • King Will's jewelry box, save your giftwrap service fee, and help you store the ring much safer & longer.
  • If you have any question, please post into "Customer Questions & Answers" at the bottom of this page.

The King Will CLASSIC Collection

Only CLASSIC knows  the time.
He is the love story teller, the witness of memories, your vow keeper.
He is an outstanding simbol of a in style.
We always believe that Less IS More.

About King Will

King Will was registered by Global Mainland Intl LLC in early 2014 but our own studio was founded in early 20th century. As a jeweler, we are young but we are very experienced in jewelry processing and production. At the very beginning, we do all the jewelries like cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets, and so on. However, because of one single case, we decided to focus on the wedding bands.
In November 2014, a customer send us an e-mail said that she was attracted to one of our ring and want it to be her husband's wedding band. At that time, there's no stock of that specific ring. But she was so urged that she kept chasing us when would it be available. We couldn't understand why she is so persistent as we have many other styles and a lot of competitors. Then we heard the romantic but cruel story:
She got cancer and only have 6 months to live. Before the grievous news, she was promised to marry her beloved person. For this vow, they planned their wedding in a very limited time. Hoping to leave her husband the best memories in the last time of her life. They finally chose her birthday as their wedding date but did not expect that the ring they fall in love with is out of stock.
We were deeply moved, and made the ring exclusively for her with our best wishes. Her name is engraved on this ring. And we can imaging that every time the husband see it, he'll remember the time they were together, the vow they made and the happiness they had.
We realized that, unknowingly, many people chose King Will ring as their wedding bands. We also received their feedback and stories. Our rings witness their happiness and remind them to keep their promises and enjoy the life. This sense of accomplishment is far greater than the benefits. So we change our strategy, only focus on wedding band in 2015.

  • Package Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.75 x 2.15 inches
  • Item model number: OY-R340-10.5
  • Date First Available: August 15, 2019
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #70,640 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #2189 in Men's Jewelry
    • #4928 in Boys' Fashion
    • #6646 in Girls' Fashion

    I lost my previous wedding ring, so I had to find a suitable replacement. Part of the problem originally was that my ring was maybe a half size too big. I went to a big box store and got properly sized, discovered my ring finger is a 10 instead of a 10.5, ordered the right size. Upon arrival I slipped this on and it fit perfectly.

    The ring is very nice. Extremely smooth on the inside, slides on and off with minimal effort or wrenching of the joints. My last one was same type and after 4 years it showed 0 signs of wear. Other than the occasional cleaning with some water and a cloth it holds up wonderfully. I have every reason to expect the same out of this one.

    The price is right (13 dollars at time of purchase) for this type of ring. The material is the same used in drill bits and other similar industrial applications and let me tell you it holds up like a champ. I am pretty sure it will break before deforming, which also means it cannot be resized, so get it right!

    Being a relatively heavy ring, you really know it when you grasp a handrail or put your hand down on a desk. Everyone comments on it when I meet them asking what its made of, how it feels, etc.

    I am personally not a jewelry wearing type person, this is probably the only ornamental body thing I own and wear. My wife appreciates it, so in my book its a solid ring worth the money.

    The ring came on time, (Two days with Amazon prime.. hey that rhymed ... and that did too!) Sorry anyway,
    The only thing that went wring with this ring was the size and I'm extremely surprised; just be mindful when choosing since they seem to run a bit large. Other than that!
    Alternative to the $200+ jewelers bands, this Tungsten ring was a very pleasant surprise. I was expecting the ring to have some sort of quality or character to it that reflected the price in comparison to the store offers, however I can't seem to spot any compromises. The rings finish was sharp and had a very premium feel and look to it. The box the ring came in was very nice and works well to store the ring until the special day. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to be working with their hands as the build is heavy and made me confident that it will stand up to bending and/or scratching.
    Hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!

    My husband loved this ring, until he dropped it on the bathroom floor today. Two chunks came flying out of it which is odd because it's advertised by the seller as "Tungsten Carbide rings will never scratch, crack, or dent, and will always shine like new.". It should have a disclaimer that says "unless you drop it". I would expect scratches, but not wedge shaped chunks to fall out. Price is great, but as they say you get what you pay for. I doubt I'll be buying another one from this company.

    I returned the rings I originally ordered because they were a size to big. I sent two rings back in the box they came in. This seemed to cause the 'Amazon Puller' staff (at the return center) some confusion,when dealing with my return issue. NOTE TO AMAZON: If a customer is returning multiple items from an order, create a decision tree so that all items can be returned in one box. The decision tree would have you check the items being returned. One shipping label for the outside of the box would print, and individual smaller labels would be placed inside the box for each item that is returned. I'm sure your programmers could figure this in two days maximum. This was my only complaint, and it had nothing to do with the King Will company staff at all (who were great by the way with helping with this issue). Amazon, you're supposed to be all about sustainability and recycling and such so if you can fix this, that may put you one step closer to your goal.

    Wow! I cannot say enough good stuff about this seller and the ring! Pictures online do not begin to describe how beautiful this ring is! It is flawless and has a nice manly weight to it. This is my husband's third ring in our 27 year marriage. He hasn't lost the others but basically destroys them. He has had a 14k gold and a 10k gold that got so scratched they looked awful. We are hoping this one can take the beating! I want to mention that I ordered 3 for him to choose from and he chose the one that was too small. I returned all three and seller gave me no hassle at all and return shipping was free. The correct size arrived today, packaging was well done and the ring box is very nice. My husband loves the ring and it looks so rich and handsome on him! Best ring at an amazing price from an awesome seller!!

    Update: It's now been two years and I could easily pass this ring off as brand new. I thought to write an update today when someone asked me if it was new and I told them that it was 2 years old and I never take it off. I wear it to the gym, work, working on the mower and car... I use to look it over every time I banged it on something but now I just know it's fine. Not even a minor scratch after two years. Get this one.


    have been wearing this ring for about three months now. I work on pneumatic tools for a living, work out in the gym 3-4 days per week, work on cars, etc. and I never take it off. To my surprise, when I wipe the grease off at the end of the day this thing looks band new. Even upon close inspection, there isn't eventhe slightest scratch or ding. I am super impressed.

    just got the ring today and can only speak on its appearance but it's stunning! just as great as pictured. It's too big for me but I tried it on and it FEELS great! I know it's going to be extremely comfortable on the hubby. I definitely recommend this ring for both style and comfort!

    Really lovely ring. Other half loves it also. He says that although its heavy its very comfortable. A good ring for men who do heavy manual work.

    This ring looks good in the picture but it looks so much better in 'real life'.

    Great value for money