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King Will Mens 8mm Rose Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Colorful Fragments Inlay Domed Style
King Will Mens 8mm Rose Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Colorful Fragments Inlay Domed Style
  • Perfect 8mm width, suitable for both Men and Women
  • Classic, Weighty and Durable, excellent scratch resistant performance
  • Great workmanship on high polish smooth innerface, bring you both the Elegance and Comfort.
  • King Will's jewelry box, save your giftwrap service fee, and help you store the ring much safer and longer.
  • If you have any question, please post into "Customer Questions & Answers" at the bottom of this page.

King Will, not only No.1 brand of men's wedding band on Amazon

King Will, not only an excellent brand of wedding band on Amazon, but also means the vow keeper. "I will take you to be my wife; to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, so long as we both shall live. All this I vow and promise.-"King Will, the vow keeper

The King Will NATURE Collection

Choose handmade NATURE ring directly by creative people from King Will

Meeting you at the best time,

Love in nature and made in nature,

No matter how how you change as time goes by,

it will always be original one.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.75 x 2.15 inches
  • Item model number: OY-R015-6
  • Date First Available: September 11, 2013
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #732,688 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #31910 in Men's Jewelry
    • #63064 in Boys' Fashion
    • #82826 in Girls' Fashion

    So far I am liking this ring, I've took some pictures of mine and uploaded them so you can see the differences in ring to ring. It's dark now but earlier today the ring had more purple, greenish/blue so it changes color with natural lighting compared to indoors. The ring came in a padded manila envelope, inside was a small white box, inside that is the actual ring box which I have photographed as well so if you are giving this as a gift you can have a general idea what it will look like as they unpack it.

    I wasn't certain on ordering a 13.5 or 14 and went with the 13.5, wish I would have went for the 14, this fits and is comfortable but my knuckles are a bit large and it's tight getting it over them but fine once it's on.

    The ring has a good heft to it but once you have it on your finger you don't really feel the weight. The finish is nice, polished to a mirror reflection and smooth. The actual abalone is counter sunk a bit to help protect it I would imagine and it is slightly smaller compared to other rings I've seen, they have been 3 to 8x the cost so really nothing to complain about but mentioning it to hopefully help future buyers get a better idea what they may be purchasing.

    I've been wearing it for most of today now and the only thing I have come across is the thickness of the ring, my fingers do not close all the way when I hold my fingers straight out of you can understand what I mean but holding my hand natural it's not an issue and I can't think when it would be one but again, wanted to mention it.

    Edit- it's now 3 months later and this ring is still holding up find. I'll admit I was a bit worried after reading other reviews but so far, the inlay and the ring itself are in the same condition as when I ordered months ago. I wear it everyday, non stop and work in construction as well as working on an old Jeep I have, welding and fabrication. My hands are constantly beat up but not the ring.

    Edit- 1 year update, rings great. Not a scratch on it, inlays still as nice as when I got it. Zero complaints.

    It is polished and looks very nice but not blingy which is exactly what I was looking for. The ring is great for the money it comes in a very nice ring box The one mistake I made was to order the wrong size but it it’s the right one for my best friend so he will be the one having it on his finger till I reorder one with the right size for myself he is so happy and think that I just gave him a very expensive ring because of the quality (lol if only he knew…but we will keep it between us don’t tell him).
    I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion. I did not regret my purchase I love it and feel good with it even if its my friend having it now... I hope that my review has helped you with your decision trust me you will love this product.

    I purchased this ring for my husband and we both really liked the way it looks. Last week, while we were at dinner, the ring simply fell apart into two peaces. We were doing nothing but enjoying a drink and all of a sudden a large portion of the ring fell away from the rest of it. It left an extremely sharp edge which made removal of the ring from his finger very difficult and painful. These rings are advertised as tungsten carbide and are supposed to be almost indestructible.

    One in pic is definetly prettier but all of them will be unique and different looking. Bought this for my partner of 20 years. He has severe arthritis and it still "even with this one" is painful to slip over his knuckle some, however once on he says it is very comfortable and he absolutely loves it. This is coming from someone whom absolutely loves jewelry but has been unable to wear his jewelry for years due to his condition on hands with the knots etc. Once I introduced him to this ring being the metal "tungsten", he has a new found hope on wearing jewelry. I love King Will jewelry and have purchased several tungsten rings from them so was easy enough for me to go thru them with confidence. Reccomend tungsten to arthritic sufferers, it may or may not work for people with tbis condition but if you love jewelry I would buy a tungsten ring that is on clearance or on the cheaper end to at least try it. Never hurts to try. Again my partner suffers from severe arthritic conditions and this one comfort fit tungsten ring has brought a definite happiness I had not seen in a long time to his life again. And of course there are many vendors or manufacturers of tungsten rings I have had nothing but success and satisfaction with this paticular vendors rimgs.

    I purchased this ring as my wedding band. I was looking for something durable, attractive and cheap (but not cheap looking). This ring looks even better in person than in the pictures. Tungsten rings of the same quality are selling for upwards of $300- 400 in retail stores.

    The inlay is very colorful and vibrant and the tungsten looks great. For this price it's a steal. I just hope it stands the test of time.

    I will keep you updated of any new developments

    Update: I have been wearing this ring daily for 2 months now and it is still scratch free. I have uploaded some photos for reference. This ring does run about a half size big though. So keep that in mind when ordering

    This is a beautiful ring but the abalone shell has broken in several places & pieces have fallen out. If I keep the ring turned the right way the holes are not visible, but I imagine that breakage will continue to occur. I've worn it 24/7 for about 3 months and it's now too late to return it as defective. Because the price was so reasonable I bought two identical rings, so I will switch to the other when the first ring finally loses too much of its abalone section.

    Great colours, love it