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Sabrina Silver Tungsten Carbide 8 mm Flat Wedding Band Ring Inlaid Celtic Dragon Pattern Beveled Edges, Sizes 7 to 14
Sabrina Silver Tungsten Carbide 8 mm Flat Wedding Band Ring Inlaid Celtic Dragon Pattern Beveled Edges, Sizes 7 to 14
  • Very Attractive 8mm Tungsten Celtic Dragon Ring For Men Black background Beveled Edges available in Sizes 7 to 14 including half sizes
  • Our Formulation of Tungsten 900 tm gives you a better balanced Scratch resistance and brittleness in Tungsten Rings
  • Our Tungsten Wedding Rings are Rounded and Polished Smooth inside for True Comfort Fit with very accurate sizing, large Variety of sizes including half sizes
  • Excellent Quality Workmanship Scratch Resistant Tungsten Ring with High Polish and Attractive Design
  • Hypoallergenic

With many, many years of experience selling tungsten rings, we guarantee that our formulation of tungsten in combination with finish quality, service, delivery and price is better than just about anybody else selling similar products. This is an Excellent Quality Scratch RESISTANT Tungsten Ring, It's Cobalt Free to avoid allergies and has the Carbides to make them Scratch Resistant. The curvature inside the ring is carefully measured and perfectly polished to provide a true comfort fit. Our sizing is also more accurate than most, but even if you make a mistake in measuring your finger and order the wrong size we will exchange it once free of charge, if you just send it back to us.A word of caution; tungsten material being as hard as it is, is a brittle metal and it can shatter if it falls on hard surfaces such as porcelain tiles, so be careful. But at our prices its much cheaper to replace than buying from vendors with lifetime warrantees.

  • Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches
  • Date First Available: December 8, 2009
  • ASIN: B00308OMIK
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #745,897 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #32949 in Men's Jewelry

    I am someone that definitely takes into account the price of something when I am reviewing it. And realistically, this is a $20.00 ring. So lets just get that out of the way. I had purchased a $200 wedding ring for my husband when we got married. Not very expensive at all, but still not cheap for a man's Tungsten ring. And he broke it when he dropped it on the floor. So, I went looking for cheaper more disposable options in case that happened again. I purchased this for him (and a few backups) and he LOVES it. The design is very him.It fits him well. Ours was purchased through the Amazon shop Sabrina Silver. The design looks great, and it is very well-defined. There is a little overlap in the foil design, but it's really barely noticeable. (reminder: $20.00 ring) It looks like a ring that I could have payed much more for.

    He has had it 6 months now, and for a 20.00 ring, it has help up remarkably well. It hasn't gotten scratched or gouged at all. He works in a mechanical job, and frequently has this on at work. I haven't seen any wear on it really at all, other than what you would normally expect on a ring. So... If you like the design and have 20 bucks to throw around, this really is a great ring. There have been absolutely no problems with it.

    I bought this ring for my fiance for a our anniversary in 2011 - just as a gift - not for a wedding band - it wasn't listed as a wedding band back then. He wears it all the time and loves it, and it doesn't have a scratch on it. He's also received many compliments from others who have noticed him wearing it.

    We are getting married in a few months, and we've been looking for a wedding band for him. We can't seem to find anything we like nearly as much. We have come across several rings that look similar to this one (not as nice in my opinion) at many high end designer stores, including Robbins Brothers for $400 and up! We are like - no thanks! His is better. I love the celtic design and so does he - but he also loves the fact that it's still very masculine. I couldn't recommend a better ring.

    Who knows, we may even end up using it as his wedding band. It's a beautiful ring and you will be amazed at the quality - especially for the price. It's honestly unbelievable!

    This is the second one of these I've gotten. The first one was a half size too large and ended up falling off of my ring finger. My wife did find the last one under the microwave when she was cleaning, I guess I'd set it on top of the microwave when I was doing some work on the house and it had fallen down to the counter and went under the microwave.

    The swirly pattern is a little more pronounced on the one I'm wearing and the black isn't quite as noticeable. Both have been similar in that respect. Still, this one looks really good on my ring finger. It fits perfect and don't foresee a time it will be falling off. Honestly they are just about indestructible I can say from experience.

    People have commented and said they could see where the inlay met on the band, I don't find this to be the case. It appears to just be where the dragons entertwine. The ring is very lovely and considering that we paid less than $20 for the ring, I think that is a bargain that you just can't beat. Even if this ring had been twice the cost, I would have been pleased with the quality. It's a little on the heavy side, but I love that. Doesn't feel like cheap metal. I think if you go into this thinking, "Hey, it's a $20 ring, how great can it be?" You will end up being very pleasantly surprised. If you go into the purchase expecting this to be a ring on par with the finest jewelry in the world, sure...you might have some complaints. Bottom line...way better quality than the price would suggest.

    UPDATE - April 2014 - It's been almost 2 years since I reviewed this ring. It's still super shiny, not scratched at all...looks brand new still. Never discolors my finger...I am more than pleased with this ring. I wear it every day. Love it!

    Tungsten Carbide 8 mm Flat Wedding Band Ring Inlaid Celtic Dragon Pattern Beveled Edges, size 8.5

    I came across this ring by accident but am very glad I did! I got this ring because my boyfriend really loves celtic knotwork and is a big fan if dragons to boot. It looked amazing in the picture online but when I got it in person I did notice that the background color shown in the picture is somewhat darker than in person (but does not look blue to me as some have written in their reviews). The picture also makes the ring look like you could touch the inlay. In person the background is lighter, and the inlay is under a cover that makes it look like you're seeing the dragon design like you would see a trophy or jewelry in a glass case. Preserved and carefully shown off to display all its beauty.

    As this design is hard to find, I will be trying to purchase a couple more soon. One in a half-size smaller (for winter months when the hand isn't so swollen)and another in the same size should anything happen to the first one I just bought for him. =)

    I recently purchased this ring based upon the image shown. While the black is barely noticeable, largely due to the size of the picture vs the size of the ring, it is black under the dragon motif. I would have liked it to have been more pronounced, but it's nice anyway. The inlay is covered in lacquer/resin/polymer so that the outer edge of the ring is smooth to the touch. It's very nice, so much so, that as soon as my wife say it, she had to have one too. For the price, it was a no brainer. Hers is in the mail. Only worry is if there were ever an incident where the ring would have to come off in an emergency, being tungsten, cutting it off would be a problem. Other than that, I think it's an excellent buy...

    Item exactly as described, no flaws, and can't beat the price.