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Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Classic Tie Clip
Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Classic Tie Clip
  • 100% Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • 0.65" high
  • 1.76" wide
  • Short, brushed silver tie bar
  • Great with skinny ties

Add a clean, sleek and fashionable touch to your everyday or tailored evening wardrobe.

  • Department: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Randa Men's Accessories
  • Package Dimensions: 3.58 x 2.8 x 1.18 inches
  • Item model number: 61KC42X012
  • Date First Available: May 14, 2013
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #104,031 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #22 in Tie Clips

    This tie clip is a dull silver/gray color. It looks nice and is a quality product. it is shorter than other tie clips I have but again, tie clips should only be 66-75% of the tie's width at the point where you place the clip (between the 3rd and 4th shirt button from the top. The only thing that would have made this better would be if the box it came in had a foam section to place the clip in when you are not using it vs a piece of cardboard which is useless once you remove the clip from it for the first time. Clip grip is average and would be nice if the strength of the grip was stronger as to prevent the clip from moving while attached to the shirt and tie. Overall a good product and I use it often..

    I bought this because I needed something a bit plainer than the flashy fold and silver tie clips that predominate the tie clip market. This fit the bill perfectly.

    1) Great size. The length of a tie clip can often be frustrating. I wear both skinny and normal ties every day, and this clip works well with both types of ties.
    2) Very secure clip. The clip is very secure and holds my ties in place all day long. I find that on average I have to readjust the tie clip maybe once or twice a day, way less than I'm accustomed to.
    3) Looks good. The appearance of this clip is a nice matte black. It looks professional and high quality, but doesn't have that flashy look that many tie clips seem to have.

    1) Black may not match every color tie/shirt. Black can often clash with a lot of dress colors, so this tie clip has less potential to be a good, everyday tie clip. It makes a great clip for colors that match, but the second you try to wear this with a non-matching color (blues, browns, etc.), it looks A LOT less professional, and sticks out like a sore thumb.
    2) The matte black has a semi-rubber feeling to it. It probably greatly helps the durability of the clip, but as a result, lint and dust cling to the clip pretty easily. I find that sometimes during the day, I'll have to rub dust off of the clip. It's not a seriously noticeable problem; just a small issue that you'll appreciate if you use this clip long enough.

    Overall, if you need a tie clip that isn't gold, silver, or shiny, this is the perfect solution. I highly recommend it, especially considering that its cons are points of nitpicking and not really any serious issue with the clip or its quality.

    The gator clip on the back leaves way too much room so the only point of contact is the far end of the tie clip so the spacious end moves around - impossible to stay straight across, especially if you wear a slim tie. I can't even use it. Do yourself a favor and get the kind of tie bar that slides on and fits snugly, not the alligator clip kind that has only one point of contact at one end.

    Looks good IN THE BEGINNING, but if you plan on using it often beware the sleek silver will turn to copper over time and look quite ugly, better off buying a stainless steel tie pin. Let me repeat, this is silver brushed over copper. Unless you want an orange tie pin I don't recommend it.

    Was expecting more for the price, but I guess I'm paying for the KENNETH COLE brand.

    This tie bar fits the bill perfectly in terms of look. The gunmetal color and the simple design ensure that it presents an understated look that doesn't unduly stand out from the rest of your outfit. If you are looking for something shiny and bold, then you should look for a differently styled product. I find the color to be a great match with both light and dark outfits.

    Also, in keeping with the classic look, the tie bar is a standard size. It's too big for the skinny ties that younger people seem to like these days, and it's too small for the really fat ties that people still have left over from the nineties.

    I knocked one star because the clip itself is a little weak. It doesn't move around per se, but it will spin a bit and get crooked with normal activity. I would have liked the clip to be just a little bit stronger or more grippy.

    The first time I received this product I had to return it. There were a couple of highly noticeable specks of dust caught in the layer of paint on the face of the tie clip. Amazon was very helpful with the return and even sent out the new one overnight with saturday delivery so I could receive it in time for a previously scheduled engagement. Great buying experience even after receiving the defective product first.

    As far as the tie clip itself, this thing is clean. Wearing it for the first time today and have already received several compliments on it. Whichever reviewer says this clip can stand out like a sore thumb on some ties...that is just a matter of opinion. When I was picking out a tie this morning it seemed to go with most of my 25-30 ties. If you have a decent tie collection then you probably won't have any trouble at all matching this clip up with a tie. The tie clip seems to be well made and I just love the matte finish after seeing mostly glossy tie clips in the past. The backside of the tie clip (where it secures against the inside of your shirt) has little teeth on it so it grabs the tie nicely and doesn't slip off of the shirt. I've been wearing the clip all day and haven't had to adjust or re-clip it at all. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing it, you won't be disappointed.

    EXTREMELY weak spring on the alligator clip. Just walking around for a minute and it had wiggled out of place. I imagine after an hour or so it would have fallen off completely.

    Also the size. I don’t wear what I consider narrow ties, but at 2.25 inches this is too long to wear and look proper. It completely covered the width of my tie at the breast pocket, and then some.

    I ordered the "Brushed Silver - Short" clip for a skinny tie. Unfortunately the quality of this item was so bad that it was already chipped when I received it with some of the silver coming off, revealing the metal underneath. If that's a sign of the quality/longevity of the item, I'll be returning, not exchanging.

    Este artículo resulta ser muy bueno para cumplir su propósito y luce muy bien en las corbatas poco anchas. Posee un acabado tipo plata, lo cual lo hace resaltar y te proporciona distinción en tu vestimenta. No obstante, el precio no me pareció el adecuado y por lo tanto le doy cuatro estrellas; supongo que se paga un precio considerable por la marca. Cabe mencionar que el producto viene en una caja pequeña y linda para almacenarlo.

    The chief complaint is that the tie clip is forever needing to be adjusted due to slipping on the spring-side. This is likely due to uneven pressure distribution allowing the clips offset weight to drag the one side down. Otherwise, it is sturdy, looks as advertised and works in a pinch.

    Cumple con las características y es como mate, así lo quería, no tan brilloso.

    Muy bonita y a buen precio

    Fue regalo pero no he recibido quejas