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Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Ring Band for Men Women: Superior Non Bulky Rubber Rings - Premium Quality, Style, Comfort - Ideal Bands for Gym, Work, Hunting, Sports, and Travels
Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Ring Band for Men Women: Superior Non Bulky Rubber Rings - Premium Quality, Style, Comfort - Ideal Bands for Gym, Work, Hunting, Sports, and Travels
  • How is this comfort fit silicone ring different? ENHANCED WITH TRUE COMFORT FIT - Curved on the inside to promote air circulation, giving you the most comfortable wear.
  • SILKEN SURFACE, NO MOISTURE TRAP GROOVES - Made from micro-blasted moulds. Feels amazing on the skin. Smooth inner surface without grooves that trap moisture, so your skin stays fresh and dry.
  • NO FINGER-MUFFIN-TOP - Ergonomic comfort fit prevents finger muffin-top.
  • PERFECT FIT PROMISE - Whether this is a gift for yourself or your husband or wife, we make sure you get the perfect fit without paying extra.
  • AWARD-WINNING DESIGNER - Knot Theory rings are loved by loyal fans in over 35 countries.
Bevel Comfort Fit Silicone Rings Knot Theory silicone ring benefits

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Black bevel comfort fit silicone ring

dark silver bevel comfort fit silicone ring

Blue bevel comfort fit silicone ring

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  • Had better expectations based on the reviews these rings had. First, I expected the dark grey to be a little darker. To me, it is just gray. But I am really disappointed in the cut quality. One of the beveled sides is really clean and smooth... nicely cut and trimmed. The other side has a noticeable raised ridge where the bevel starts- you can even feel it with your finger. And the same beveled side's surface just looks rougher.

    I tried to include a zoomed picture of the bad beveled cut under the pen tip on the left side. The raised line is noticeable in the picture on the top and bottom of the ring. Every time I look at it, I think I am wearing the lock ring from a diet pepsi bottle cap. Maybe it is a bad cut? Not convinced though as I see other reviews with the same issue. I will try to replace it (for a black one) as long as I can exchange for the lightning deal price. Otherwise no ring = no wife and I will keep living the single status life!

    The size is good though. My previous tungsten ring was a 10.5 and I ordered the 11.

    Edit: After my 1-star review I was contacted by Knot Theory. They asked me if I would give their product another chance. I told them I would buy a new one if they gave me the same discount I received during from the lightning deal of my original purchase. They instead sent me a new ring, free of charge. I have to say, pretty darn good service. The new ring is pretty much flawless compared to my original order. Must have been a bad batch. Although QA can probably be improved, customer service went above and beyond, worthy of a one-star to five-star change. My wife was a naysayer when I originally ordered the silicone band, thinking it would look cheap. She is nurse at a hospital and doesnt wear her formal rings and she now will be ordering this silicone one as well.

    I own a lot of rings. Quite a few of them are silicone rings. This one was the hardest feeling and thickest out of all of them. I ordered the thin blue line version, and the line itself was extremely big as well.

    Attached is a photo comparing one silicone ring (Qalo, left) with this one (right). You can see how much thicker it is, the line doesn't blend very well, and you'll just have to take my word on the hardness quality.

    My Qalo ring has some tears in it, so I won't be wearing it anymore. In the meantime I'll wear this one if I'm doing any work and going back to my Tungsten ring when I'm not working for the look and comfort of that ring.

    Overall it's just ok. Probably won't buy another one unless they slim it down and better blend the line.

    This ring is exactly what I was looking for. I don't like how wide other silicone rings are. Because this one is not wide, I literally don't even feel it on my finger, it feels like you're not wearing anything. I bought it to wear to the gym, and used to wear my tungsten ring everywhere else. After two weeks of that, I switched to the silicone ring 100% of the time. It's just so comfortable. I have a job where I present to executives, so I wanted something that is sleek, professional, and doesn't draw attention to itself. I got the black one and it looks great, it doesn't stand out or draw attention to itself.

    By the way, these do eventually wear down. The beveled edge on mine isn't there anymore, it's just rounded all the way across the ring, with no sign of where the bevels even used to be. However, I've had two of these so far, and neither one has worn down to the point where it has broken. I had the first one for about a year and lost it in the ocean, and have had my second one for another year. They seem to be pretty durable, I think you'd have to pull on it really hard to tear it.

    I have tried several of these silicone rings, and finally bought one that was on the higher priced side. Don't regret it at all. There isn't any "excess", or material that should have been removed, around the edges like cheaper options I have purchased. I will say it was a bit thinner than I expected, but turns out after a couple days I decided I really like that about the ring. I love the lower profile and the beveled edges. I used to feel like I was wearing a toy car tire with cheaper options I tried. I wear it at the gym, wear it to run, wore it in a Spartan race recently, and it has been awesome and looks good as new so far. I'm sure I'll break it eventually, but for twenty bucks a pop, well worth it. I have seen complaints about getting a sweaty finger, but I don't really have any issues there. Also, fit was spot on for me. Plus, it helps me pull tons of chicks. Well, at least one chick anyway, but she's effing hot.

    No Complaints Whatsoever !!!! This ring is nice, comfortable, doesn't snag in your pocket and doesn't slip off your finger. Now my wife wants one. I much prefer this than a $1,000 ring that could slip off, potentially loose or get stolen. I got white which symbolizes Purity, Newness, Living My dreams Everyday, and Power to achieve anything I set my mind too.

    My husband loves his ring. This is the second one he gets. The only con is that after time the beveled edges disappear and it becomes thin and flatter finish. He doesn’t seem to mind it too much but it would be nice for it to keep its shape over time. For the price it’s good quality and I would recommend it. Even if I have to buy a new one every year or so. Attached is the pic of the old black ring. It used to look like the black beveled one in the pic. I even had to triple check my order history to ensure it was this one because it changed so much. My husband uses this ring daily. If you plan to use it to workout only I’m sure it’ll last nice for a much longer time. When we first received the ring it was a lot sturdier. It’s axtually quite now how it becomes flexible and comfortable over time. The gray is the new one and we love it

    My husband went through two wood wedding rings before I purchased this for him. We have both been very pleased with this new ring. He loves the fact that he can shower with it on, wash dishes, etc. Now he never has to take it off. His normal ring size is 9, so that's what I ordered. Overtime it stretched out and became loose. So I recently purchased him the same ring just a size smaller. So far, so good. Even if I have to occasionally replace the ring, I still think it's a good buy. It looks great on as well.

    Today is the 1st day of wearing the ring. As I only recieved it yesterday. The ring looks as advertised and is comfortable.
    However as you can see by the picture,part of the ring has already started to come away. I am an electrician and wear gloves all day, you would think this would protect the ring from damage, however this is not the case. So I am disappointed in the product and dont expect it to last very long.

    I wear this ring when out sailing, rowing or on the building site. It's great to not have to worry about loosing my finger or my wedding ring in those situations. It is a little on the loose side but is very comfortable to wear.

    I was expecting some rigidity to this but it is very much like a short rubber band as some others have said. May be useful for some activities that others have mentioned but just as a different piece of finger jewellery I think it is over priced even at the price it is. Disappointed overall although it did arrive quickly :-)

    Wow am so impressed! The ring arrived 1.5 days after ordering! Even though it was sent to a different country! I got the size wrong, and the offered to send me a whole new ring in the right size free of charge! The ring is also gorgeous! I am so impressed and will definitely be buying from you again!

    A lovely soft ring to wear. I'm very happy with mine, & the service in helping me get just the right fit was super friendly & helpful. Excellent!

    Had a slight issue with the ring we received, but this was rectified and a replacement sent out.
    Good quality and great customer service.

    Husband loves it. Great for those who don’t like wearing a conventional wedding ring. Very comfortable too.

    Product delamination straight from the package, not happy.

    Perfect for what I need it for being a sportsman. Also looks great.

    Love it!

    Size was a bit bigger than expected however quality is great so giving it a 5 star

    Have worn this now for months and have had no real issues. Couldn't wear my original ring as I injured my finger and this is a great alternative as it is easy to slide on and wear. I recommend going a size up from what you normally wear so that it isn't a tight fit. I did that and was happy with the sizing as it doesn't move around as you would think a normal ring that was bigger would. Others have reported irritation as the silicone is right on your skin, but I think those are the ones that have it tight around the finger. I have had no issues in that regard. After a while it can start to lose its shape and loosen. You won't mistake this for metal, it definitely looks like silicone and given you are putting on a ring that is colour, no one is going to think it is anything but a silicone band, but that is what you are buying. Wear it for working out and for sports, and no issues and you don't notice it at all. For the price and the purpose, I would recommend it.

    Very happy with order. I'm an auxilary nurse and clean up too much poop and puke, so I'm super happy to not feel guilty about no longer wearing my wedding ring :)

    Using the pictured sizing method, I ended up with a ring that was too loose. There was a raised edge of material on the outside of the ring (the area that shows), left from the mold used to form it. Overall, the actual ring did not look as nice and well-formed as the simulated picture in the description.

    I returned the ring, since I expected much more from a $20 silicone ring.

    ordered one and it fit fine for the first couple days and then it stretched so it is much more loose fitting now. i can wear it on warmer days but right now in cold weather i'm worried about snagging it. quality of silicone is nice and it doesn't absorb oils or alter color as cheaper rings are bound to do. Beveled edge has a nice feel to it and makes the ring look a fair bit fancier than other bands