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  • Metal: Brass - Silver Plated ( Available also in 925 Sterling Silver )
  • Diameter: mm 18.5 (in 0.7) - Thickness: mm 1.8 - Pay attention at sizes before purchase
  • Total Sizes: in 1 ( cm 2.5) x in 0.7 ( cm 1.8 ) - Including the ring
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  • Present Box - Made in Italy

For this medal as for all Christian symbols it is always advisable to have them blessed by a Priest


O St. Michael the Archangel, most Noble Prince of the Angelic Hierarchies, valorous warrior of Almighty God, and zealous lover of His Glory, terror of the rebellious angels, and love and delight of all the just, desiring to be numbered among thy devoted servants, I, today offer and consecrate myself to thee, and place myself, my family and all I possess under thy most powerful protection.

I entreat thee not to look at how little, I, as thy servant have to offer, being only a wretched sinner, but rather gaze, with favorable eye, at the heartfelt affection with which this offering is made. Remember that, if from this day onward, I am under thy patronage, thou must assist me during all my life and procure for me the pardon of my many sins, and the grace to love God, my dear Savior Jesus, and my Sweet Mother Mary with all my heart. Obtain for me the help necessary to arrive at my crown of glory.

Defend me always from my spiritual enemies, particularly in the last moments of my life.

Come then, O Glorious Prince. Succor me in my last struggle. With thy powerful weapon cast far from me and into the infernal abyss that prevaricator and proud angel that thou prostrated in the celestial battle.

Saint Michael, defend us in our daily battles so that we may not perish in the Last Judgment.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that: "The whole life of the church benefits from the mysterious and powerful help of the angels.... From its beginning until death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession." "Christ is the center of the angelic world. They are His angels....They belong to him because they were created through and for him."

Roman Catholic tradition calls Michael, Gabriel and Raphael archangels. The word archangel comes from the Greek words arche (prince) and angelos (messenger). Michael means "Who is like God?" (a rhetorical question), Gabriel means "Power of God" or "Strong One of God" and Raphael means "God has healed". Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are named in the Bible as angels. (Roman Catholics accept as canonical, the Book of Tobit, in which Raphael is named.) Only Michael is called an archangel in the Bible. The feast of these angels is celebrated on September 29.

Within the hierarchy of the angels, at the highest level, St. Michael is a princely seraph,an angel of supreme power and the leader of God's army.

Christian art often portrays archangels together. Archangels Michael and Gabriel are jointly depicted on Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a Byzantine icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary that has been the subject of widespread Catholic devotions for centuries.

St.Michael Medal

St Michael The Archangel Medal

The Saint Michael The Archangel Medal is available in different metals and sizes:

  • Brass Silver Plated: Available in 18 mm diameter of Big Size 32 mm diameter
  • 925 Sterling Silver: Available in 16 mm diameter and 18 mm diameter
  • 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated: Available just in 16 mm diameter ( This one in the picture )
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St Michael The Archangel Medal- Big Size

  • Brass Silver Plated
  • Big Size: mm 32 diamenter
  • Made in High Relief
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St Michael The Archangel Medal

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Small Size: mm 16 diameter
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Sanctuary of Saint Michael The Archangel

The Sanctuary of Saint Michael Archangel is located in Italy - Monte Sant'Angelo ( Fg ) Called the celestial basilica It is the only basilica-sanctuary in the world not consecrated by human hands, in fact it was consecrated directly by the Archangel Saint Michael. This photo is the entrance to the Sanctuary, going down the stairs leads to the cave where the Archangel Saint Michael appeared. The first of four apparitions took place in the year 490. Later appeared in a dream to the bishop of that time and said: "I am the Archangel Michael and I am always in the presence of God. The cave is sacred to me, it is my choice, I myself am a watchful guardian. Where it opens up the rock, the sins of men can be forgiven [...] What will be asked in prayer, will be granted.Then dedicates the Grotto to Christian worship"

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  • Department: Unisex-child
  • Manufacturer: Igj
  • Package Dimensions: 3.15 x 2.36 x 0.08 inches
  • ASIN: B07W6P9JRS
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: April 5, 2017
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #177,461 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #1734 in Men's Necklaces

    Ordered the medium size and it looked no different than the small......size of a dime. Product descriptions are deceiving. Very hard to see the proper detail on the medal when it is so small. Nothing like the picture they show on their page. I was disappointed, thinking I was going to get a lovely medal from Italy that people would admire....Perhaps something you would give a small child to wear.

    The medal itself is quite nice and close to the description given. The cord is a joke--It will not fit an adult of even a 5 year old--Took the medal off the cord and placed on my dog tags chain--This is the second one I have bought--Gave one to a friend's son for his confirmation. A bit embarrassed when he could not get it even halfway around his neck despite being of slight build--

    The cord's length should be disclosed in the description and an option on size --adult, child , toddler/infant--saw similar medal only and price was approximately $5 less--Hard to believe that this cheap cord is almost $5 more added to cost of medal

    I really like the necklace design. Wish it was longer, for me it almost fits like a shocker, but I also have a thick neck. The pendant is a little smaller than I hoped it would be. Everything would probably fit and look better if I was 5'9 and 190lbs lol the pendant is about the size of a dime. But I love the classic look so I'm gonna keep it and buy a longer necklace.

    The madual was nice. The chain/rope didnt even what a score that was wrong. And fir a man selliing for making posts really problematic that was if that was the issue

    THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE!! Very good detail my 8 yr old wears it daily

    Beautiful Italian silver medallion, slightly larger than a dime. Comes with a silver box chain and is a nice length. I love mine.

    Thank you seller ..I love this pendant exactly as I wish .. super fast service

    Beautiful. The design is delicate and the size is just right.

    Its the size of a 5p and quite detailed for the price as you can see in the photo, i think this pendant of st michael would make for a nice gift but i bought it for me

    Love this necklace and it makes me look really cool (maybe). It’s good quality.

    I like it

    Excellent replacement for the one I lost many years ago

    If you like getting a skin rash from whatever pewter garbage metal this is made from this is the item for you!
    Cheap, cheap quality. I gave this as part of a gift to a female friend only to find out she threw it out cause it caused her to have her skin turn brown and itchy where it contacted her chest.
    Item comes from Italy (I'm guessing near the Vatican). The Romans were notorious for adding lead, tin, and other cheap metal into silver coins 2000 years later and its still happening.
    Thank you so much for that!

    Bellissimo ciondolo e bella l'immagine. Buon rapporto qualità prezzo. Una bella medaglietta.

    Oltre ad essere in argento e davvero bellissimo e fatto benissimo nei minimi dettagli, è arrivato copn la garanzia e ben confezionato con cura. Complimenti alla celerità e alla presentazione del prodotoo. Grazie!!!!!

    you have to polish a little from the back in the words Italy, and in the edges, because is a little sharp and the chains made you scratch,i decided to returned it but my husband decided to keept it,without the chain,it works well without the chain,,also the detail in the graven is very beautiful...

    Le medaglie Igj sono veramente belle e fatte bene. Ne ho già acquistate diverse. Le consiglio sicuramente. Spedizione e consegna Amazon prime velocissima e impeccabile come sempre.

    Forse troppo piccolina non mi sono regolata con le dimensioni ma è ben fatto e il rapporto qualità/ prezzo è buono. Lo consiglio.... è bello da vedere

    Es una medalla muy bonita de San Miguel Arcángel. No es de plata pero no se pone negra. Viene muy bien envuelta y con una cajita de cartón pequeña para si la quieres regalar.

    La médaille est conforme à la description. Une jolie petite médaille avec un dessin net et précis! Un rien cher quand même par rapport à ce qu'on trouve près des sanctuaires dédiés à Marie, car dans ces petites boutiques on trouve le même genre de médaille à moitié prix...

    Esta bastante bien de tamaño,no es de plata ,pero ya lo sabía ,a mi me gustado y la llevo con un imperdible en el sujetador


    Oggetto estremamente piccolo