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Smoky Quartz Chakra Healing Crystals Stone Necklace for Men and Woman Hand Made Unisex Surfers Gift
Smoky Quartz Chakra Healing Crystals Stone Necklace for Men and Woman Hand Made Unisex Surfers Gift
  • Kyanite hand made chakra healing energy therapy crystals stone pendant necklace jewelry for men and woman , genuine gemstone with a natural shape
  • Stone minimum size : 0.8"x 0.6"x0.2" Do consider that kyanite pendant size COULD BE up to 2 inch longnecklace: 3 m"m braided synthetic leather length: 17" and 2" extension The pendant is atteched to the necklace with epoxy glue designed to a triangle shape and colord by hand in natural brown color, also a small blue howlite healing stone stamped in the center
  • Stone Properties : A great gift for healers. Directs the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual bodies. Strengthens the throat and third eye chakras. Increases communication and spiritual awareness. Calms anger and hopelessness.
  • We make our necklaces with love and try to give you the best clean and clear stone so that you will be most pleased with. note that there can be a slight difference in the size of the pendant beacuse it is a genuine natural gemstone and comes in different shapes and sizes.
  • meaningfull gift for friends and beloved ones, suitable present for birthday, valentine's day and any occasion that you wish people to remember.

Handmade Healing Crystals stone pendant necklace

~Wearing the stone neckleace is a way to connect thruogh a spiritual tube with power subconscious to Mother Earth~
I've made it with ❤️ and tried to give each necklace 100% of attention to get the perfect look ~ ~


  • A beautiful natural stone pendant jewelry
  • Will make a special unisex gift

is much bigger than I hoped, but that is just the luck of the draw! Very nice looking! Wonderfully crafted! I might buy another one for someone special!
UPDATE: I know there are skeptics, But the transformation has been amazing! I was going to buy the red Jasper, I looked at all available, but something kept leading me back to The Abalone! I have worn it all day/night ever since I received the necklace, I cleanse it every morning with a little a little Aquaphor after I shower. I wipe the residue off. She is beautiful! My depression has lifted! There is a much better clarity to my thoughts. I feel mentally stronger. WOW! No wonder I was lead to buy it! Look at all the stones! Maybe one will call you, too!

These stones are a great size & necklace is good. The necklace is shorter so is closer to neck/throat. If you like longer you'll need to get another chain etc. Overall an excellent product!

Wow what a powerful crystal. I paired it with Selenite. Wore it for 2 weeks. The protection was felt after 3 days. It gave great clarity and insight by opening my Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

With the Selenite crystal offering balance, it allowed my Heart Chakra to become more commpassionate. I was flooded with ideas to start projects to help humanity.

Although once removed after long term use, I felt immediately as if my invisible cloak was removed.

I really like the necklace, is somewhat small for my taste but decided to keep for a sporty look. The meaning of the stone was the purpose of the buy. I would be perfect if I could have removed the piece and placed it in another type of necklace.

Love the necklace .. I noticed that you can wear the necklace on both sides .. Pretty blue on one side and green on the other.. Looks nice on .. Goes nicely with what ever you are wearing.. Thank you for a beautiful craftmanship..

This necklace is beautiful and well-made. It's also bigger than we expected. I definitely recommend this!

a gift for a close family member who is into stones. a great vibrant color. size was appropriate. the quailty overall is pretty good. they said it is comfortable and i see them wear ot often. a good buy. nothing is perfect and i dont wear it thats the only reason it isnt a five star, but if you dig the color i think you'll be satisfied. Be well.

The product is exactly as it appears and is made with good quality. I wasn’t anticipating for $15 it to look as wonderful as it is. Originally I was afraid that the wood is a bit on the glossy side and looks plasticky that sits atop the kyanite... but it works well and after seeing it in person and wearing it, it’s a nice quality. The kyanite has a good color to it as well as length. (Per the company, the kyanite stone length does vary, but mine was the right size for me). I would buy more crystal necklaces from this seller again. Very happy.

Belle grosseur,belle couleur,belle intention de la carnelian...Mais l air un peu fisurer

It's nice, but the labradorite is definitely low quality. Not much flash to it at all. I'm a little disappointed to be honest.