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FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Mens Byzantine Chain Necklace 5mm Wide, 22-30 inches
FIBO STEEL Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Mens Byzantine Chain Necklace 5mm Wide, 22-30 inches
  • TOP MATERIAL--Built of Quality Stainless Steel,Solid and Durable;Safe Material;Highly Resistant to Rust and Corrosion.
  • EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP--High Polished Surface, Smooth and Comfortable to Wear.Excellent Electroplated Workmanship, Lasting Color Retention.
  • MULTI-OPTION--22-30 inches, Different Options Provide you to Choose, Select the Most Suitable One For You
  • MASCULINE BYZANTINE CHAIN NECKLACE--5mm Black White Vintage Byzantine Chain, Adding the Cross Pendant or Wearing the Chain Alone are Both Perfect, Masculine Enough for Men Wearing.
  • GUARANTEE and SERVICE--Promise 90-day Products Guarantee. Come with a FIBO STEEL Environment-friendly Black Velvet Pouch.

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Product Details Display 1:Classic Appearance

Classic Cross Pendant Necklace Design,Trendy and Stylish.

Product Details Display 2:Great Workmanship

Great Electroplated Workmanship,Lasting Color Retention.

Model Display

High Quality Stainless Steel Built,Solid and Durable.

High Polished Surface,Comfortable to Wear.

5MM Byzantine Chain Design,Masculine Enough for Men Wearing

  • Department: Mens
  • Manufacturer: FIBO STEEL
  • Product Dimensions: 24.02 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches
  • Item model number: 3MPN002H-24
  • Date First Available: March 31, 2016
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #64,309 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #458 in Men's Necklaces

    ***EDITED on August 3, 2016***
    Figured I'd stop back in and let you know how it's holding up. It's now 6 months to the day I've had this necklace, and it's as sturdy now as it was when I first received it. I've worn it on at least 26+ separate occasions, roughly 7-8 hours at a time while setting up, performing, and tearing down, and there's no sign of weakness in the chain or and type of corrosion due to chemical reaction from perspiration. And believe me when I say I perspire like a freakin hog under the stage lighting. The chain, being square, does kink on occasion, but falls right back into place when adjusted. Gasp is still perfectly fine too. I stand by my original review and still couldn't be happier.

    Love, Peace, & Chicken Grease

    ***********original review***************
    Received mine this evening and was pleased the second I removed it from the pouch. After reading all of the negative reviews of the same necklace other sellers are offering, I honestly was expecting the worst. I couldn't have been more wrong to do so. Of course, after spending 47 years on this earth I should know by now that 40% of the population would gripe and complain if they were hanged with a new rope. I don't know why I was so apprehensive.

    With the exception of the reviews who legitimately had a manufacturing complaint, I honestly don't understand the thought process behind spending the price of 2 gallons of milk on a piece of jewelry and then getting all bent out of shape because it "looks fake". I hate to break it to you, but "IT'S FAKE". I purchased this cross pendant and necklace because it'll catch the light extremely nicely when I'm under the lighting on stage in my band. This piece of jewelry was never meant to take the place of a 14k gold necklace, people. If you're buying this on the pretense it will impress the ladies or whatever, i feel sorry for you, but yeah, knock yourself out.

    I love the design and colors, but I've always been a fan of the gold on silver look. The chain itself is somewhat heavy, but in its defense, it's almost 1/4" thick...it's going to be heavy. The clasp works perfectly for now, but being realistic kin knowing what I'll be putting it thru, it will most likely fail in less than 6 months. If it does, oh well. I'll drop another $8 and get a replacement in the wind. My cross was aligned perfectly, so no complaints there. It is though a little sharp around the back edge of the stainless steel piece which I'm positive is due to the press cut during manufacturing. Regardless, it's not going to affect my purpose for buying it. If anything, it might keep it in place a little better while I'm wearing it. That's the only manufacturing issue I've seen with my purchase.
    I'm so pleased with mine I'll definitely buy another...even if it doesn't last 2 months. Hope this helps.


    I was happy when i got this chain but today, two weeks later this is the result this is not stainless steel. O shoulded know it because it is not too heavy. Well thanks for nothing

    I don't typically wear jewelry but I have always had a desire to have a decent looking cross necklace to show my faith and to look sharp ;) I had a few reservations since I know very little about necklaces, so this was a bit of a blind purchase. I got a few things wrong, and a few right.

    - This necklace definitely does look sharp. A few weeks into my purchases and I have received unsolicited compliments.
    - The clasp on the back does not work its way to the front. With previous experiences I find that this is a common malady.
    - The price is right. Since I don't have the several hundred dollars to throw away on a gold necklace I needed something cheap but quality. This absolutely fit the bill.

    - The chain itself tends to have problems with kinking. I find myself readjusting it several times throughout the day. As a trade off, I'd rather have this problem than the clasp.
    - There is one place on the cross where you can see the welding. It is not significant at all, and only when I handle it and specifically look for it can it be seen.

    Overall this is worth the purchase price, most will likely be pleased.

    I have read all of the reviews on this item and have no idea what some of them are talking about. First off the product is $12.99 and come wrapped beautifully. Those who took pics were right it did the product no justice whatsoever. The pendant looks like I paid well more than I did for it and the chain as well. the chain and pendant are not too heavy, def not too light so you can tell they are actually made to last. the pendant is beautifully crafted with absolutely no flaws (and I cant see there being any) someone wrote about glue ... Well this pendant is perfectly crafted. I only ordered the wrong size chain ( MY FAULT) but can see where I can easily resize the chain as I do not want to part with this item even for a little bit.

    I wore it proudly on the street and at my work place. Its a big shiny cross and catches people's attention. This is important to me for two main reasons.

    Firstly, I acknowledge proudly that I worship and follow Jesus. Secondly, in an increasingly secularised society in Oslo city, the sight of a cross worn boldly by the few these days, can hopefully revive the dormant Christian culture in every Norwegian.

    'So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven. '

    Matthew 10:32-33

    One of the hardest things about buying items like this is you look at the pictures but you never seem to get the full effect. I promise you that this is so much nicer than the pictures you are given. The cross is the exact length that I like and the chain is heavy duty which I have come to prefer.

    Edit: This necklace was great for a long time. Just today, I noticed the gold color starting to wipe off. It's not peeling, just plain rubbing off. Next time, I'm going to get the plain silver one. This is still a very strong necklace, just doesn't look so good anymore. Sorry if I misguided with th 5 star review. Know it'll flake eventually...

    This necklace is a great piece. I've been told it looks much more expensive than it is. Don't worry about the strength of the lobster claw. I've only taken it off once since I received it on April 12. Yes I sleep with it on! The worst that has happened is it gets a little twisted or the lobster claw rotates around. It honestly has not lost it's shine yet! I would not want to wear silver daily for risk of tarnishing or causing a ring around my neck. I'm a stainless convert!

    I paid full price for the piece. I'll update this review later, if I feel the need to.

    The chain too thick and heavy, it looks cheap and the cross is too light, not match. In fact, to me is a wrong buy. I never wear it, wondered can I exchange with another one without packing ?