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ORAZIO 8 Pairs Stainless Steel Mens Womens Stud Earrings Pierced Cubic Zirconia Earrings, 3mm-10mm Available
ORAZIO 8 Pairs Stainless Steel Mens Womens Stud Earrings Pierced Cubic Zirconia Earrings, 3mm-10mm Available
  • One Set Includes 8 Pairs CZ Stud Earring, 4 Pairs of Black and 4 Pairs of White; The Diameter of Earrings Stones are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, Assorted Sizes, Meeting Your Different Needs
  • Classic Sparkly and Clear Cubic Zirconia, Enhances Your Temperament, CZ Stud Earrings Go Well with any Style for any Occasion, Small Size for A Delicate and Elegant Look, Larger Size for a Personalized Feel, Giving You More Choices
  • Made of High Quality Healthy Stainless Steel, Durable and No Fading, Though the Earring Is Made of Stainless Steel, If You Have A Severe Metal Allergy, We Do Not Recommend You to Try This Earring
  • Stainless Steel Posts Length are All in 10MM, The Bar Thickness is 0.8MM(20 Gauge), Well Fitted, Convenient to Put on and Take off, Popular Butterfly Clasp Backs Are Easy to Adjust and Keep Secure
  • 90-Day Free Exchange And Money Back Guarantee--If You Have Any Pre-sales or After-sales Problems, Please Feel Free to Contact Us Through Our Buyer's Messaging so That We Can Work Out a Solution for You ASAP

  • 8 Pairs CZ Stud Earring,4 Pairs of Black and 4 Pairs of White
  • Quality Healthy Stainless Steel, Durable and No Fading
  • Elegant Black and White Round CZ Inlaid, Go Well with any Style for any Occasion



  • Classic Sparkly and Clear Cubic Zirconia, Enhances Your Temperament
  • Earring Backs are Easy to Adjust and Keep Secure


  • Handcrafted to perfection--ensure product quality and characteristic
  • Delicate Packaging--give your loved one the gift of visibility

  • Item model number: EH03
  • Date First Available: November 9, 2016
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #102,745 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #442 in Men's Earrings

    I have my ears pierced 3x in each ear so I was looking for earrings that came with enough options to fill the holes. I love the option to pick my color choices based on outfit. I never take them out, I sleep in them, I shower in them and plan to wear them for a very long time. I've been wearing them for a few weeks now and I haven't had any discoloration or issues.

    I purchased these earrings as backup. In the case I lose my earrings I can't let my fashion fade. :)

    Firstly: Hold a magnet to your earrings. What do you notice? ----
    1. The backs are highly magnetic.
    2. The post is NOT magnetic.
    3. The 6 pronged stud holder is slightly magnetic (rather the part that adheres the post to the zirconia.

    This suggests the post is most likely stainless steel and the adjoining ends are not (rather the potential exists). (some stainless steels are magnetic. It is strange that the back, post, and holder are different materials)

    You can deduce:
    1. The potential for irritation exists. ---> If you are highly reactive you won't be able to tolerate any levels of non-hypoallergenic metals. If you are less reactive you will be alright.
    2. The metal was not "stamped" with the verification of alloy. However the post does seem to work for most people. Suggesting that to create a cheap and effective earring some compromises were made.

    I have 8 pairs of earrings for 10$ USD ---> Mind you at Claire's (the hot spot for cheap effective earrings) the cost would be 500% more for earrings that are pseudo-hypoallergenic (Non-hypoallergenic metals are coated with stainless steel).

    I ordered the earrings in January and wearing them for the first time mid July; Temporarily until I buy new earrings. Could take a few weeks.

    My Rating off this product will be determined by two factors.
    1. How fast did my ears turn green.
    2. How green did they get.

    Mind you these are not a fashion statement. Please understand what you are purchasing and why.

    I would appreciate more transparency from the vendor. I would rate (5) because the product is exactly what it was intended to be.

    I will ask the vendor: What is the ratio of metals in the post & back, since it is not verified stainless steel.
    How do you die the earrings black. What is the process? (They are cheap earrings and everyone on amazon knows this. Is the die toxic? When it peels off will I be exposed to allergenic metals.

    :D *putting on earrings now*

    My son wanted new black earrings for Christmas. I NEVER thought I would be buying my son earrings! Anyway, I have learned because they are easily lost to get inexpensive pairs in quantity. I didn't really pay close attention to exact sizes when I ordered them. We think the biggest pair is TOO BIG to look good on a guy (he's 20). the others are ok. The middle two were his preference. Can't beat the price. He wears them every day.

    I never buy expensive studs because I lose them so often. I have a bad habit of playing with my stud when I'm nervous or in deep contemplation. The only problem with buying cheap studs is the fact that my ear gets all infected easily by cheap earrings i usually buy. I tried these out and they didn't cause my ear to get crusty and weird. The variety of sizes and nice and I only have one ear pierced so losing them isn't so bad. I like em :D

    I've only been wearing the silver ones for a week but they seem to be holding up pretty well. They snap on securely which is awesome but they're not as easy to take off and super uncomfortable to sleep in so if you're like me and are too lazy to take off or switch earrings daily, then maybe this isn't for you. They are very shiny though and they look great. I'm hoping they last me a while.

    These earrings come in 4 different sizes so it's sure to please anyone. I like my earrings a bit big so I ordered the bigger sized ones. They each come in individual bags which I personally liked cause I tend to lose my earrings lol. I've gotten a ton of compliments at work from both employees as well as customers. You get 16 earrings in total at 4 different sizes for under $12. It's definitely worth it. I recommend these to anyone who can't afford diamond ones just yet. They are stainless still but they have a shin to them. And the fit is perfect they don't fall off at all. If you're hesitant about these don't be! In my opinion they're worth it for sure.

    The studs are kind of loose, gem part shakes like it’s not secured all the way.
    I’m a little disappointed in quality for the price but the fact it comes with multiple sizes makes up for it.

    I also had to cover the earring in clear nail polish to prevent it from irritating my ear lobe. If your ears get red and itchy from earrings, definitely cover this with clear nail polish first.

    Great value, great color, good clarity, you don't know how hard it is to find a set of light blue stud earrings in varried sizes that doesn't cost and arm and a leg. I am very happy with them, wear them daily, I have had no allergic reactions or issues with the metal degrading.

    Pretty weak... the metal is painted or has a cheap coating on it that eventually comes off. Ended up coming off a really irritating my ears, had to stop wearing them. My ears have never had an issue even $5 earrings from “Claire’s”. Once the coating comes off and gets into your lobe hole.... throw em out.

    I ordered these to temporarily replace some studs that I lost at work, however they are much to large 4 my liking they are cheap so not to great of a concern I'll just regift them I'm a Male btw but would have preferred 5mm A small oversight on my part, these are far to large for my preference

    Product is as expected for the price. They are super cute and the only negative is that the prongs on the two larger sizes are way longer than they need to be and stick out too far,

    Je les adores je vous les recommandes

    Worth the money and good quality

    Product as described

    perfect for the price .

    Great product(s)! Super fast shipping!

    very cheap looking...I threw them out... :/

    I’ve gotten so many compliments. Love the different sizes.

    Good quality, nice shape

    Très bon produit