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Surgical Steel 4mm Ear piercing Earrings studs 12 pair Mixed Colors White Metal by Caflon
Surgical Steel 4mm Ear piercing Earrings studs 12 pair Mixed Colors White Metal by Caflon
  • 12 Pair Mixed 4MM Colored Glass Foil Back Stones in a Birth Month Set
  • Each stone is set in sterilized surgical steel
  • All earrings exceed all F.D.A / E.C requirements. Earrings are sealed and sterilized in individual packages.
  • Comes with Butterfly Earrings backs, are grooved friction post for secure fastening.
  • Sold per Dozen (You get 1 pair of each Month)

12 Pair Mixed 4MM Colored Glass Foil Back Stones in a Birth Month Set. Each stone is set in sterilized surgical steel. All earrings exceed all F.D.A / E.C requirements. Earrings are sealed and sterilized in individual packages. Comes with Butterfly Earrings backs, are grooved friction post for secure fastening. Sold per Dozen (You get 1 pair of each Month).

The surgical steel used in these studs is a stainless steel with the 316L designation. Just like any other steel, this steel contains nickel. However, the nickel release rate for our studs and earrings is well below the allowable value given in the EU nickel directive, which makes them hypoallergenic and well suited as piercing studs and fashion earrings

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 6.2 x 0.1 inches
  • Item model number: R213W
  • Date First Available: November 24, 2012
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #25,300 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #92 in Men's Earrings

    These are great! Alot of reviews are complaining about the gauge (thickness of the post). I don't know how it works anywhere else but these are ear piercing ear rings... They are not regular stud earrings.

    In NJ this is the standard size for ear piercing earrings (utilized in the piercing guns). I don't remember why the gauge is what it is, but it's normal and exactly what I was expecting.

    The posts are longer to accommodate swelling from piercing, which addresses another common complaint... Of the backs not sliding forward enough. They are not meant to for ear piercing earrings.

    They come in a sterile pack, dated. The colors are nice and at least for my pack different. Some people complaining about repeat colors... Not the case for me.

    My ears were inflamed, so I got these to counteract the reaction I had to my earrings and to accommodate the swelling. I love that it's silver/white metal. I've never really been a big fan of gold/yellow.

    Perfect for my little girl! We love these because the backs are so great at staying on, and now we have a ton of cute colors to choose from!

    Also, I can't believe people are leaving bad reviews complaining that the earrings are thicker than usual. You obviously have no idea what a piercing stud is.. Educate yourself on what is what before leaving a bad review and bashing a worthy product.

    Packaging was nice and neat and most importantly unopened.

    All that clear, lovely color in the picture for these studs: Photoshop. These studs are so tiny that the color is indistinguishable except for the little red one. These are meant to be used with a gun (how did I miss that??) That is what EAR *PIERCING* STUDS refers to: studs to use when 'piercING' ears. That said, if you have tiny kids ( up to 6yo) & need tiny earrings, these will prob work. I'm sending them back: too small & can't see the colors on a 9 yr old. (See photo below.)

    The gold earring is the one I used when I first pierced my ears decades ago. The silver one is the one I am reviewing. My piercing likes to close, so I needed earrings I could wear all the time, and I don't wear gold anymore. At first, I didn't like these because they are a larger gauge and there isn't a smooth transition from the point to the main section. If I go days without earrings and my piercing starts to close, these hurt getting them all the way in. However, I really like them now. I have dress earrings I would rarely wear because they were a larger gauge, now I don't need to worry about it. These don't irritate my ears, and they are nice as everyday earrings. I don't think I would recommend them for initial piercing, but I think they are good for maintenance.

    I can’t wear any earrings for more than a day. ANY earrings and my ears get irritated and red and itchy. I always suspected a nickel allergy, but I can’t even wear cheap fashion earrings that are advertised as nickel free. I don’t know what mystery metal these earrings are made of, but they DO NOT bother mybears at all. I literally pop in a color for A MONTH at a time and leave them in and have no problems. I love having so many different colors to choose from, leaving a pair in for awhile and having some pretty earrings on!

    I had my ears pieced twice, once when I was a wee one and once when I was a teen. At some point I pretty much stopped wearing earrings but every few years or so I'll find a pair of earrings and shove them in just to keep the piercings open. The first ones, done when I was a kid, have held up the best as I had earrings in them the longest. I finally decided it's time to just wear earrings all the time again but somehow I only had pair of the piercings earrings left and a bunch of cheapies. The problem is I've since developed a bunch of medical issues and am way more sensitive to everything including cheap metals. Finding these earrings, without just getting your ears re-pierced has been impossible in stores, I've skimmed jewelry racks, and they just don't seem to exist. So I finally turned to Amazon. These were exactly what I was looking for and more affordable than many of the cheap ones that I can't even wear without my ears getting all nasty. I can pretty much sum this purchase up in one word: YAY!

    I am not a fan of yellow gold earrings or jewelry so these are perfect. They do not irate my ears as I am allergic to nickle and these are surgical steel. I love the fact that they lock on so I'm not looking for earrings that have come undone during the night. They are safe for babies and young children as they can not remove the backs and put them in their mouths. I can sleep with these on. They do not irate my ears. I do not use peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean them. I use only the solution that u can buy for newly pierced ears. I can once again wear pretty colorful earrings in the metal color that I like. I could only get the diamond, green, and gold colored stones at Sally's Beauty Supply store and they are much more expensive per pair. This is a great bargain!! Remember to unlock them from your ears u must grab a hold of the front of your earring with one hand and with your other hand grab a hold of the earring back. Pull forward with the front of earring and pull off back at the same time. like this <---> So in other words u are pulling in two different directions. They then pop off effortlessly. Try it first before putting in your ear and u will see how easy this is to do. Posts are slightly thicker than regular posts so they are great for newly pierced ears or forming great even sized holes while your ears heal. Or like I do and just wear them for everyday earrings as with so many colors u can easily match them to whatever u are wearing.

    I absolutely love these earrings! Recently I have become sensitive to most earrings. I have had no problems with these at all!! They are thicker as most ear piercing studs are.

    Pretty and a great variety of colors. The earrings really stay locked in place. I wanted studs that I didn't have to worry about losing and these are perfect.

    same quality as professional ear piercing earrings

    Item arrived as advertised. Sterilization date past one year ago. All items clean and unused. Perfect for someone who can only wear studs.

    Exactly what I wanted thank you.

    Exactly as described & what I expected!

    As I expected: really good

    Bought these earrings as I cannot wear anything but surgical steel, My ears swelled up instantly. They are clearly not surgical steel.

    Nice enough product, individually packaged as described, but I didn't realize the posts are much thicker than a regular earring.

    This is a great set of piercing studs. Each pair is safely sealed, so they could be used with a piercing gun. I got them just to wear. My piercings get irritated and even slightly infected from wearing wires. When this happens, I switch to a pair of piercing studs until my ears are healed. The larger post keeps the hole from healing too small, and the locking back stands up to vigorous cleaning while youre in the healing process. Theyre pretty but not spectacular; the setting and size dont allow for a lot of sparkle, you just get a nice little flash of color. Plenty of different shades to go with any outfit. For such a low price, this set is a great purchase!

    These were perfect; small and innocuous, but with the slightly thicker stem of a piercing stud (as opposed to regular earrings) and the stiff butterfly backing. I've been keeping piercing studs in my upper er piercings for years because I don't change them out as often as I do the fashion earrings in the lower holes, so I love the dependability these provide.

    My friend loves the assortment of colours. They are good locking backs, so they aren't easily knocked off.

    Super quality and do not irritate my very sensitive ears. Best purchase I have made in a long time. Please keep selling these!!!

    So beautiful

    Not to shabby, you get what you pay for and were on time!

    exactly what I was looking for