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HUAMING 12mm Gold Plated Hip Hop Iced Out CZ Lab Diamond Miami Cuban Link Chain Bracelet for Men and Women
HUAMING 12mm Gold Plated Hip Hop Iced Out CZ Lab Diamond Miami Cuban Link Chain Bracelet for Men and Women

Huaming 12mm Miami Cuban Link Chain for Mens Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Curb Necklace Bracelet Iced Out Link Chain with cz Diamond Chain Choker

Item information:
-Material: Gold Plated +Stainless Steel+AAA Copper
-Length: 8inch,9inch,10inch, 18inch,20inch,24inch,30inch
-Width: 12mm
-Color: Gold/Silver
- Our Iced out Cuban Chain Necklace prices are insanely good, and we are running a special promotion only for our Amazon
customers purchase while supplies last. Your chain is covered with a special protective coating to guard against tarnishing.

After-sales Service

I like how much it glistens and the fire it has under the light. Nice weight. One thing I dislike about this bracelet is the dots or indentations on the backside of the bracelet. Would be better if it were flat. Makes it look cheap. But hey for the price it is cheap but a great piece until you can save for a better one.

In less than a week one of the jewel things fell out and then 3 weeks later another.

It will fade on you, there are lines on the side of each link ehich makes it look cheap. Good the first wear but hella shiny which makes it look fake. Bought this to compare to a real cuban link white gold 14k and I noticed this product was alot darker off the bat. In the sun it looks nice but in the shade it looks like a chain that would be in the shed. The diamonds are raised and glued on. They arent set by hand from what it looks like.

I love it. 30 inches.

I ordered the gold 10” bracelet. The look was to be expected... kind of cheap looking. Gold is too yellow but that would have been fine bc I ordered this to use as an anklet. The biggest problem is that while I ordered this specifically for the length, when it arrived, it’s a full 2” shorter than advertised. Measured at a tiny bit over 8”. Basically, don’t order from here if the length is important.

Very light but big .. Once I took it out the bag the clasp broke

Doesn’t look like how it did in picture the quality isn’t tht great the clasp doesn’t even line up right

It came and it was dark on one side (inside).

Just received this garbage requesting a return it's costume jewellery and fraud. I can buy this at Dollar around there for a dollar yet they're advertised it for $100 and on sale for 30 Canadian dollars plus shipping. I literally dropped my mouth when I opened the package. Honestly I think I'm done with ordering on Amazon moving forward my last 4 orders having complete garbage. I order a lot kids things like walkie-talkies smartwatch and you get what you pay for so I'm okay with that. But when I order clothes or jewellery and it's advertised with different pictures and it looks like you're getting what's in the picture and then you receive it and it's complete garbage and quality that becomes a real issue for me.

My Bracelet arrived this morning and am very surprised at the Good Quality of this Bracelet for the Price? The clasp is also good quality and feels secure on my wrist.

Came in and was a bit big, although it is adjustable. You can adjust the size by removing a couple links which can be done by prying open a link and removing as you please. This chain is pretty, but you can tell that it’s fake. It seems as if it’ll fade, but as of right now it is just fine.

 It’s a good product for the price it’s got a decent weight it shipped in 3 days and it actually shines hard I’m satisfied

I bought many pieces like this, and I’m kind of a connoisseur of it, out of all the pieces I have ever bought this is the most high-quality and well-built piece I have ever received, if I needed to I would buy a second one in an instant.

Very impressive bracelet. The zirconias are very shiny and sparkling, not like the cheap ones. It look like diamonds, even if I know nothing about diamonds. I've had it just recently and not worn it much. So I have no idea about the durability of the gold finish. But for the price and the few occasions I'll wear it, I love it.

Nice looking. Cheap tho. Really light. I Dont expect this to last long . Too much for what it's worth for sure

El producto es una porqueria , en México puedes conseguir lo mismo por menos de 100 pesos , llega súper mal envuelto y la calidad es pésima ,llego con rayones en todos lados , esto es un fraude . Solicité mi devolución en el momento que abrí el paquete

My clip was broken when I got it there was a missing piece could you guys please send me a new one they look sick as hell id love to rock it

Change de couleur on voi tout le brace donner moi une autre qui change pas couleur c’est peut-être un d’égaux

très bon produit sa fait ans que je les et il est toujours aussi brillant je le recommande fortement

Sent me the wrong chain and its very bad quality.

Great Item! But for the 2nd time package was handed over to next door neighbor.

Très beau pour homme

Chain looks very nice all though I thought it would come with rocks on both sides and the connecter peace feels really weak but still worth the money fits nice thanks